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The Hunter's Honer™

The makers of the Honing Channel™ Sharpening system are proud to present the finest honing stone for outdoor enthusiasts on the market today.. The Hunter's Honer™ Sharpening Stone! Now you can use the same stone that surgeons use, to keep your knives at their sharpest. It will work with any knife (except serrated knives), to quickly achieve a 'scalpel sharp' edge.

The compact size (measuring just under 4" long and 1-1/8" wide) of the Hunter's Honer™ Sharpening Stone means you can carry it with you in the field without adding a lot of bulk to your pack. And speaking of packs, for a limited time, each order for a Hunter's Honer™ Sharpening Stone will also include a free gift of a Multi-use field fanny pack in your choice of green or black color.

Free with your paid order!
Green Fanny pack Black Fanny pack

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are your knives dull and hard to use?
  2. Does your current sharpening stone/system require oil to lubricate the stone to prevent particle build up?
  3. Do you sometimes forget to sharpen your knives before you head for the outdoors?
  4. Do you wish there was a stone that you could conveniently carry with you?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then chances are you will benefit from owning one of Hunters Honer flat stonethe finest honing and sharpening stones on the market today. The Hunter's Honer™ sharpening stone is engineered by a surgeon to give you the finest cutting edge possible, with very little effort, and NO lubricant is necessary.
For more information about this breakthrough in sharpening technology, go here.

Now Available: Hand engraved lockback pocket knife with sheath

A fine knife says a lot about the person that carries it. We are proud to offer a knife that will not only serve you well in the field, but it's truly a conversation piece, with its hand engraved scrimshaw artwork, depicting wolves in a winter lanscape. The knife is built to last, and is something you could be proud to hand down to a new generation of outdoorsman.

Now you can own one of the finest knives available today, with a fine free-hand scrimshaw engraving of the Cutting Edge wolf logo. All knives come with a locking, 3-3/4" surgical steel blade, brass liners, natural deer antler/bone handle and Nickel-Silver Bolsters. Comes with just the knife and a rugged leather belt sheath, or as a full kit, complete with sheath, Hunter's HonerTM Sharpening Stone and Fanny Pack. Full Details and pricing can be found here.

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